Share your Library Story!

How has your library affected your life? Does Toddler Yoga make your baby giggle? Are you job hunting, and the resume review is helping you perfect your applications? Do you just like to hang out and talk about books after a long day of isolation?

We’d love you to take action and share your story with us. Leave a note on the Invest in Libraries website, and help us communicate what libraries mean to our city.

NYC Budget

The budget situation in NYC (and really everywhere) is fluid. While the release of the FY21 Executive Budget left libraries largely whole, our economic situation is unstable, and we all need to be ready to speak up.

Right now, you can help by telling your federal representatives that including aid to states and localities in the next stimulus package is ESSENTIAL. Localities all over the US are facing a budget situation that no surplus could have prepared us for. Click the button to the left to contact your representatives.

Why Libraries?

Libraries are the duct tape that holds our neighborhoods together. In good times, libraries provide a space for gathering and building our knowledge and relationships. When things are stressful libraries leverage their relationships to become a lifeline for their neighbors, helping with access to the information that they need to make their lives better. 

Funding Libraries = Funding our Communities

What Libraries Do

Libraries and Library staff connect our communities to information and society. Library staff connect our neighbors both in and out of our buildings. In uncertain times we provide a social linking place in our communities. We work to fuel the soul of NYC, and will continue to do so. Our buildings may be closed, but the library is always open.

What Libraries Are

Libraries are the staff that makes them tick, and that staff is made up of caring professionals committed to access, equity, literacy and privacy.  Library staff who believe that everyone deserves access to information and learning free from bias are working every day to try to make sure that our neighbors have that access.

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