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Save NYC Libraries

Additional budget cuts will devastate our communities.

New Budget Year, Same Irresponsible Cuts

Mayor Adam's proposed $58.3 million cuts to libraries for FY25 pose a significant threat to community well-being. Libraries are essential hubs providing vital resources, education, and access to information, especially for marginalized populations. November's 5 percent cut resulted in the loss of Sunday service and hampered accessibility. Further reductions will deepen inequalities, deprive low-income families of crucial resources, and undermine support systems for the most vulnerable. Prioritizing fiscal austerity over community welfare risks long-term prosperity and social cohesion, reflecting a disregard for citizens' needs.

Libraries stand as pillars of knowledge and support within our communities, offering a sanctuary for learning, exploration, and growth. Mayor Adam's proposed cuts not only jeopardize access to books and information, but also threaten to diminish the sense of community and connection that libraries foster. As advocates for literacy, education, and inclusivity, we must rally together to protect these valuable institutions and ensure that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of resources and opportunities that libraries provide. Let us stand united in our commitment to safeguarding the well-being and vitality of our communities and champion libraries as cornerstones of progress and equality.

NYC Libraries Create Community


Libraries are the glue that holds our neighborhoods together. In good times, libraries provide a space for gathering, sharing our knowledge, and cultivating relationships. During difficult times, libraries are a lifeline that can connect people to critical resources that can better their livelihoods.


From language classes, to literacy programs, to career services, libraries offer the pathways for New Yorkers of all ages to thrive.

Funding Libraries = Funding our Communities

What You Can Do

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Call your City Council Member

That's right, use the phone! Call your council member's office, and let them know you are upset about these cuts. Don't know who your council member is? Find them by entering your address at the link below.

Don't despair, there are real actions you can take to help libraries

Sign a Pledge

Pick your library system and sign the pledge to support libraries in NYC today! Strong public libraries are key to a strong and resiliant community. Cutting funding is short sighted and bad for the well being of our city.

These budget cuts are ridiculous and unnecessary, make your voice heard today.

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Save NYC Libraries is a campaign of Urban Librarians Unite, a passionate group of urban library professionals and advocates working to support libraries and library workers in urban environments.