I’m a Children’s Librarian Trainee in the Bronx. I feel like my job is on overdrive right now. I am trying to reach out to community members in any way possible to provide needed information on community resources and digital services. It’s hard not being able to connect with patrons in person to know if it’s helping, but I’m trying to make it work. I am emailing community partners constantly, and trying to connect with them over the phone. I am doing class visits in both English and Spanish with Pre-K to 5th Grade students every day, where I show them how to sign up for library cards so they can access all the free resources the libraries have. I’m doing parent workshops as well, where I teach them about the resources for children, but also direct them to services for adults as well, such as the career center. I am promoting events, and finding other free resources for them outside of the library that I think will be useful during this time. I am teaching them about databases and how to do research online. I’m doing storytimes and fun lessons based on school or classroom themes. I’m connecting with teachers who are worried about Summer slide and setting up plans to support kids when school is over. I’m also providing families with information on government assistance, food pantries and free food events, and I’m promoting the Census constantly. I am trying to plan events to get connected with even more folks in the neighborhood. The goal is to talk to everyone or make sure that everyone in the neighborhood knows they can come to us if they need information, even if our doors aren’t open yet. I am grateful I am able to work from home and that I have a computer that lets me connect folks to information and services they may need. I’m also grateful that I still get to see a lot of the kids that came into the library. I want them to know that I care about them and am here for them and that they have people looking out for them in the library.

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